Available Job Positions


We are always interested in hiring people with a passion for open source software and having a great attitude. If you feel you can contribute to the success of our company either in the positions listed here or in a position we did not yet think of, let us know so we can arrange a meeting.

What do we have to offer? We have a great environment in a new building just outside Chiangmai specially built for us. We create business software solutions for customers all over the world. Especially the ERP jobs we have, are not easy and we expect that you need about 2 years to understand the area we cover, programming sure, but also the business disciplines such as product- and order management, warehouse and accoutning.

You can start as a junior tester or programmer and can either evolve into a technical specialist, project manager or business system consultant. In the marketing and sales section we also look for a person who can find new customers for us and, as account managers, maintain the relationship with our current customers.

But what is actually most important is that we can offer you a job you like, because you have fun and we have a good performing employee.

Last but not least, we are 'open source' people sharing what we know and working together to provide the customer license free software. Yes we only use and provide open source software. We support a product called Apache OFBiz and related services and subproducts. Mostly we require a bachelor degree or a equivalent working experience. Fast learning is very much appreciated.

Apache OFBiz application tester.

The task of an application tester is to create automated and manual tests using the tools JUnit and Selenium which we run automatically every day to ensure the software is as error free as possible. Knowledge in business practices and applications is an advantage. Basic Java knowledge is required.

Apache OFBiz software developer.

For a developer you minimally need to know the basics of a structure programming languange like Java and understand the working of relational databases. Linux nad business knowledge helps but is not required. Because of the quick changing of technology it is required you can learn fast and be able to solve the problems you encouter in your job if required by using the information on the internet.

System administrator.

Often we operate the production servers (Linux) of our customers where a 24/7 availability is required. Further you need to maintain the development PC's and network inside our company which all use Ubuntu Linux. Knowledge of development and testing tools like Eclipse, GIT/SVN, Jenkins is an advantage.

Project Leader.

For this position we formost need reponsibility and be able to work with people and customers. We are using the Scrum framework for implementation and techinical basic knowledge of software development and production environments is required.

Business systems consultant.

This is an advanced position where general knowledge of software development, open source ERP systems and business knowledge is required. You will be meeting leaders in the industrie as well as operational people at the shopfloor and should be able to discuss business at any level.

Marketing manager.

We need a marketing manager who can develop a repeatable sales plan to help sales people show potentional customers how an open source ERP system can help them running their business. General knowledge of business, ERPsystems and sure, most important Marketing is required.

Sales people.

Via the internet you will be contacting potentional customers using the sales plans already developed. You will come back with suggestions how to improve them and will do presentations showing our open source ERP system.