OFBiz General Introduction

Often when we go to organizations who have already choosen ofbiz as their ERP system, we are asked for a short introduction. Web pages are fine, however a document is sometimes easier to digest. We are currently creating such a document and are soliciting your input. If you have a general question you could not find in the OFBiz document below, let us know we will update it and send the new version back to your email address.
We have now also started preparing end user video's, which are free for our regular customers and for a small fee in our webshop. If you have a need for a specific subject, let us know, we will create it!

As usual the email address is support@antwebsystems.com

Click here for the PDF OFBiz general introduction document.

OFBiz Development/Framework Introduction

The same happens when we train development departments how to develop with the OFBiz framework. Also here we have made a start, but surely could be improved. So let us know if you are missing some general framework information, we will add it. Again the best way of contact is an email at support@antwebsystems.com

OFBiz PDF development introduction document.