Our Services.


The vision of our company is to make available, services of the professional ERP system Apache OFBiz/GrowERP to small and mid-size companies for a cost effective investment using just open source software. Not only do we help you with the implementation, but also with how to maintain and customize the system.

AntWebsystems provides a number of services in order to help you to use the OFBIZ/GrowERP ERP product effectively. These services cover the full lifecycle of the product within your company. It starts with the documentation of your business processes, requirements gathering, and goes on to the implementation and customization, the introduction and end-user training and the monitoring and support of the implemented production system.

We can also train your IT department in how to maintain the system from a software development point of view using the newest technologies like Scrum, peer review, continuous testing and release management.

Furthermore we have a number of support contracts to make sure your system is running perfectly and we can act as a second level helpdesk either on an end-user- and/or technical level.

Business Systems Consulting.

When you have decided to opt for Apache OFBiz in your company, we advise you, to document your business processes with the BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) method. After this initial documentation step, this business proces workflow will be improved to obtain cost savings as early as possible, even before starting the ERP implementation.

Next, we will design a new menu shell, using as much as possible from the standard system, around the OFBiz ERP system supporting the documented business processes and only show the functions you really want to use to make the system as simple and userfriendly as possible. This menu shell is implemented outside from the core system so future upgrades are still possible. These screens and related functional requirements will be documented using the Scrum methodology in our OFBiz based Scrum system. Then an implementation plan will be created including any integrations with existing systems.

Because software development with the OFBiz framework is our core business we have developed a complete productlife cycle specifically for OFBiz using open source support systems only. We can help you introduce this to your local IT software development department. All the development tools we use are linked together using the Eclipse software development environment which completes the Application Performance Lifecycle management (APLM) control.

Last but not least, we provide training services related of the OFBiz product for both the application development and the end-user training, mostly at the "train the trainer" level.

Apache OFBiz / GrowERP implementation.

When the implementation plan has been created and the overall requirements are defined according the Scrum framework in the form of "stories", we can provide project management and an implementation team to implement the system in your organization. We convert your existing data, create a new user interface to your requirements and do any further customizations as defined in the requirements.

If a usable part of the system is ready we will setup the production environment and help you train your end-users and members of the IT department. We will also provide the infrastructure for staging/test and version management. We can even work together with your local IT department and show our structured way of working.

Apache OFBiz / GrowERP Customization.

We have employees who are highly skilled in working with Apache OFBiz/GrowERP and interfaces to other systems. We also use the Scrum development framework for development where we deliver part of the complete system every one to four weeks. Our development environment starts with the OFBiz scrum component, used for backlog, sprint administration and accounting which is linked to Eclipse Mylyn and the Gerrit/Git combination to have a proper distributed version control system with branch level security and peer review. We use Jenkins for automated testing and we provide a demo system which is updated daily and shows the work of our customization team on an ongoing basis.

24/7 support & system management.

We can provide system support services worldwide provided your system is connected to the internet, install the production system on Linux based systems including database setup on small to medium sized systems from a single server to using a load balancer, multiple application and database servers. We can setup backup procedures, upgrade services and ensure your system is available uninterrupted by 24/7 monitoring.

We can send you our standard contracts upon request which can be modified to your specific situation.

Also a "second level" help desk is available for you to support technical and end-users in your organization either via chat or email.

If you are looking to get started quickly, we provide a knowledge transfer service for business organizations starting with Apache OFBiz by an on-site training course or off-site via chat and e-mail.

if you need more information about our services please sent an e-mail to support@antwebsystems.com or talk to us directly via Skype at the account "ofbizsupport".