Become a Partner and get more customers!

Selling an ERP system, even services around an open source product is not easy, actually, going out, talk to people directly either by mail or phone or whatever channel you use, will not work.

Then the recent developments where potential buyers will first on their own scan the internet for information before they will contact a ERP vendor will change the way how to promote the product you want to sell. Further problems are the the many competitors in the ERP market will also make it difficult.

So how you solve this problem?
First of all make a marketing plan which purpose it is, to define the product or service you want to sell, then define the ‘ideal’ customer, how to find them and how to approach them. Set up marketing campaigns with actions and enter prospects. Then have sales people executing this plan.

Although all this can be done manually using spreadsheets in our experience this will only work if you have a software system to support these activities. So we developed a software function within GrowERP to support this activity. The system is offered as a SAAS version or can be downloaded from the GrowERP website at

This plan is based on the principle to connect over Linkedin to prospects and when connected send then regular personalized and automatic messages to keep in contact until they are ready to make the jump to open source ERP.

Further we think that just selling ERP is not enough anymore, the system needs functions not found in the system of your competitors. So we added these extended CRM functions to be the first function new users use to increase their sales first before using other ERP functions.

Here at AntWebsystems we have developed such a marketing plan using this GrowERP function and are looking for partners who we can help to increase their sales and want to work together on their local OFBiz/GrowERP projects. The partnership fee is very low initially. Later when the plans, support and system mature, we will increase the fee, it can however be reduced when we work together on joined projects in your area.

Let us know at if you are interested so we can work together making Apache OFBiz and GrowERP a success worldwide.